Vishwak-Sen---Am-I-Cigarette-Butt-to-Be-CrushedIf you think that ‘Falaknuma Das’ Vishwak Sen has apologized in the recent press meet for his over the board abusive language, you must know that he is back to the same kind of language in the success meet held today.

Claiming that his movie has been running with super hit talk and will continue to run so, Vishwak also said something, again. This time he indicated that people are trying to pull him down and crush his career, but they can’t do that to him. He said, “Am I a coco cola tin or a cigarette butt to be crushed?”

Well, certainly he wasn’t. But, the language he used shows that he wasn’t actually repenting his earlier words on the people who didn’t like his movie. By the way, Vishwak Sen said that he will be coming back with his next movie, soon.

Ironically, he said, “This time, I’ve threatened and next time, I’ll shock you.” So, he knows that his statements were threatening! Hmm!