Vishnu's PPT to soon release in Kerala
After recording a terrific opening in theaters across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Overseas since its release on January 31 and drawing huge crowd even on weekdays, Vishnu’s latest Action packed film Pandavapuruam 2014 opens in Kerala Theaters on Feb 14th.

Vishnu popularity in Kerala is on a high with his earlier films Endhinum Ready and Sakala Kala Vallavan doing solid business across Kerala.

Made with a budget of 30 cr Vishnu Manchus Pandavapuram 2014 is even bigger, and packed with more punch. This film is his 3rd hit in a row for this Action Hero, who is called as Tollywood hit machine.

Pandavapuram 2014 is an absorbing film. Director and writers of the film Pandavapuram 2014 tactically got the nerve of cinema goers- the film not only grips you with hilarious scenes but also keeps you on the edge of your seat with fantastic action sequences by Vishnu Manchu, Dr. Mohan Babu and Manoj Manchu. The movie continues to get rave reviews from critics and lot of cinema trade buzz.

Action Hero Vishnu Promises that Pandavapuram 2014 will surely enthrall the Malayalam cinema audience. It has everything in it action, comedy and intense drama brewed to perfection.

The movie is also unique in many ways; it marks the return of the Collection King Dr. Mohan Babu to the big screen again after a decade. This will be the first time the father and sons are seen together. The movie also features Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon in a key role.

Manchu Vishnu action-comedy role is the highlight of the film. The action in the film is superbly choreographed and it is power packed. Dr. Mohan Babu plays a cool and intelligent foreign tourist guide along with his sons Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj.

Directed by Sriwass under the banner and Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures Twenty Four Frames Factory features Dr. Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika Motwan Varun Sandesh, Tanish, Raveena Tandon, and Pranitha are in the lead role. The music by Bappa Lahiri, Achu Rajamani, Chinna.