Vishnu’s ambitious overseas plans
Actor Vishnu Manchu’s Hyderabad-based production house 24 Frames Factory has launched its US distribution arm, which will focus on independent films and the distribution of their own films in cinema theaters.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Telugu action-drama “Rowdy”, releasing April 4, will be their first film to get distributed in the US. He said that given the hunger for Indian films that are made by independent film makers and production companies like us, and the fact we are now financing a large proportion of productions, we no longer see the value working with other distributors.

He also added that setting up a distribution arm is a natural progression for 24 Frames Factory business expansion and growth as a media and entertainment powerhouse globally. The company targets to distribute two or three major-scale films with big-star cast every year. Those will be the main business surrounded by other middle-size titles with a clear distinction of genre and concept such as action, comedy and pop corn entertainers.

24 Frames Factory has produced Telugu films such as “Doosukeltha”, “Denikaina Ready” and “Pandavalu Pandavalu Tummeda”.