Manchu-vishnu-script-writingHero Vishnu is a successful actor cum producer and he continues to endorse many good scripts from his banner irrespective of the success of the film. This was a decision he took to make the best use of his talents and it looks like this has led to a whole new facet of the actor being uncovered.

Manchu Vishnu after being in the industry for more than a decade has now turned into a writer with his upcoming production. This is a spoof film starring the latest sensation Sampoornesh Babu. Of course with a title like Singham 123 that is straight away giveaway. But it surely does come as a surprise that Manchu Vishnu could be the brain behind this film.

The actor in his production avatar is keeping himself very busy by trying out various roles and bringing out hitherto unknown features in him. One wishes that Vishnu the producer at least gets big sustained success unlike his on and off acting career.