Initially, the makers of Anukshanam had announced that the movie, which is releasing tomorrow, will not have an interval break. But bowing in to demand from the buyers of the film, they have decided to have the customary break for their film. Ironically, the very decision which made them not to go for a break in the film is now being touted as the reason for deciding to stick with the conventional format. “The movie is a thriller and a very intense and gripping one at that.

So, we decided that it has to be experienced in one go,” was the statement initially. But in these days of impatient audiences, the makers have wisely decided against such a plan which many industry people felt was foolhardy. So, the new line released by the makers is this:

“As the movie is a thriller and a very intense and gripping one at that, we felt that a break would enable the audiences to appreciate the movie better. The ‘interval ‘bang of the film is also excellent.” Starring Manchu Vishnu and Revathy in the lead roles, Anukshanam is written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Varma started a new distribution system with this film by auctioning this movie online.