Vishnu in awe of RGV’s working speed

The fact that RGV completed Rowdy in 18 days came as a surprise for many of us, but that left the lead Vishnu completely in awe of the filmmaker’s capability to make films at such a pace. He said RGV is a perfection and therefore has pulled off a rare feat. The best part is that he hasn’t compromised on quality. He says this is something he hasn’t in any filmmaker he is associated with over the last decade.

Rowdy is loosely based on RGV’s Sarkar, and apparently Mohan Baby and Vishnu are reprising Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan’s role in the film, which is scheduled to release March 28. Vishnu says that RGV ensure that all shots are completed in a single and it’s very rarely that he would take multiple takes for a scene. He says that actors also work more consciously with RGV around as he makes them feel very responsible.

Rowdy is likely to be the firs big release in Telugu this summer. It features Shanvi Srivastav and also Jayasudha in important roles. Will Rowdy resurrect RGV’s sagging career after back-to-back flops?