Vishal's fit of anger!

Actor Vishal of ‘Pandem Kodi’ and ‘Samar’ fame seems to be going through a phase right now. The young actor has an upcoming Tamil movie ‘Pandia Nadu’ awaiting its release and it is reported that his own production house will produce the film. The latest buzz on-set is that the famous celebrity, who has been under a lot of pressure lately, was overcome by frustration and in a fit of anger, smashed his very expensive cell phone, damaging it in the process.

A source close to film reported to media that the actor has been focusing on Suseenthiran’s ‘Pandia Nadu’ recently and lost his cool for a moment, throwing away his costly mobile phone as a reaction. He also said that episodes like these have become quite frequent common these days. We also hear that the actor Vishal at young age was hospitalized due to high blood pressure and stress issues recently.