Vishal plays a role quite contrary to the ones he has played in the past. In his next film Naan Sigappu Manithan, which will also be dubbed in Telugu, Vishal plays a character that suffers from sleep disorder called Narcolepsy. According to the director, Vishal worked extremely hard for the role as he didn’t have any references.

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The director said that since there were no films on Narcolepsy, they didn’t have anything to use as reference. Therefore, Vishal prepared for his role by reading a lot on this disorder and also watching live videos about people suffering with this disorder on YouTube. The director added that the biggest challenge was to perfect the body language of the character.

Vishal also consulted several neurosurgeons to prepare for the role. Since he wanted the body language of a person suffering from Narcolepsy to perfection, he even brought doctors on sets to guide him through the process of acting. The film’s teaser which was released on Wednesday has already created a lot of buzz and people have started talking about the film.

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