Vishal Reddy Funding Notorious Website  - A. L. AlagappanA lot is happening in Kollywood surrounding the Tamil Film Producers Council and Vishal, who was elected as its president in 2017. While Vishal’s arrest and High Court’s order criticizing Vishal’s arrest and locking TFPC’s office, there is an interesting allegation on Vishal that is making a lot of noise. Is it a baseless allegation meant to malign Vishal’s body of work as the President of TFPC?

According to the allegation made by director AL Vijay‘s father, Vishal is actually funding the notorious piracy website Tamil Rockers that has been giving nightmares to the newly released films. Vishal was the individual who fought against the piracy site and was threatened before the release of every new movie by the notorious website. We’ve read news about his sting operations on the website to bring it down.

The same person, Vishal is strangely facing the allegations that he is linked to Tamil Rockers. There is a big contention among the producers who belong to a group that is against Vishal and they are responsible for locking TFPC’s office. However, the allegations were made and the one who made this allegation, AL Azhagappan said that he heard it from sources. Well, there must be some piece of evidence to add weight to that allegation. Right?