vishal-is-childish-karthik-didnt-even-respond-raadhikaVishal, Karthi and Raadhika Sharat Kumar’s ongoing controversy looks like the one which is going to never end. The enmity is obvious. While Vishal and Karthi are taking actions on Sharat Kumar and Radha Ravi through Nadigar Sangam alleging misuse of funds by the ex-officio members of the association, Raadhika is using social media to shoot questions on them.

According to the senior actress, everything is done keeping personal rivalry in mind. What personal vendetta? Vishal and Sharat Kumar’s daughter from his earlier marriage Varalakshmi were said to be in love since long. But, Raadhika and Sharat Kumar had reservations to marry her off to Vishal.

Coming to Karthi, Raadhika alleges that the young actor isn’t responding to her questions on Twitter. Sharat Kumar’s comments on Karthi’s father were the reason why he is escalating the rivalry. In both cases it’s personal says the actress. As per her opinion, Vishal’s actions are childish and Karthi isn’t even responding. She threatened to go public and also approach court of law.