Actor Vishal hasn’t had much luck with his career considering that most of his previous films have fallen flat on the box office. However, the actor seems to be making a comeback with his first release of 2013, Thiru’s Samar, being widely appreciated. Even as Vishal is very happy with how the year has started, in a recent interview Vishal answered several questions pertaining to recent career decisions.

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Talking about his lack of film release in 2012, Vishal says, “No, it was not my intention to have no film of mine releasing last year. In fact, Samar was supposed to be a June release. It got pushed to Deepavali, then Pongal. But I think it’s for the best.”

Further speaking about his hopes for his career and future plans, he adds “I’m hoping to make up for the long gap of last year. I will have at least four releases in Tamil, and one straight Telugu release. My films have been dubbed into Telugu earlier, but I will enter Tollywood as a newcomer this year! I’ve started 2013 on a nice note, and I don’t want to miss out on this platform.”

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