Vishal's-Ex-Lashes-for-Using-Same-Wild-Card,-AgainOnce thick friends and alleged lovers seem to have fallen out of their friendship to the extent that the she lashed out at him for targeting her father, yet again.

We are talking about Vishal and his alleged ex-girlfriend Varalakshmi Sharatkumar. Vishal won the last Nadigar Sangam elections as the general secretary of the association. His trump card had been lashing out Sharatkumar, the former president of Nadigar Sangam alleging misuse of funds.

This time, the elections are going to happen on 23rd June. Vishal used the same wild card lashing out at Sharatkumar while Vishal’s team was in-charge of the association for the last two years.

Looks like, Varalakshmi was angered as Vishal used the same card this time also. She said that he had stooped down too low posting cheap videos making allegations on her father while nothing was proved against him.

She called him names, said he has double-standards and playing a saint while he was not. In a lengthy post on Vishal, Varalakshmi literally spew venom on him.

By the way, the two were in the news for long as alleged lovers who would probably marry. But, the rumours died down after Vishal got engaged to a Hyderabadi.

Now, they turned bitter enemies. However, one must remember that she supported him during the last elections though he was opposing her father. Seems, she wasn’t happy for targeting her father, again.