vishal-about-sri-divyaThough a Telugu girl, Sridivya earned fame as a successful heroine in Tamil Film Industry. Ironically, she is paired up with Telugu heroes like Rana and Vishal in Tamil films. These two heroes had height issues with Sridivya as they are way taller than her.

During the promotions of ‘Rayudu’, Vishal revealed how he was worried about the height issues. “I had height issues and she was like ‘bakka sannaasi’ (skinny idiot) and I had to ask her to gain 2-3 kilos weight as I played a loadman to suit beside me,” says Vishal commenting on her lean figure.

Cameraman Velraj took care that the height and weight issues didn’t show up on the screen. However, Sridivya says that she could perform very freely because of Vishal’s attitude to tease her. Now that she is doing movies with other actors, she knows the difference and how his teasing nature has given her the ease to do well and feel free.