Bollywood actress Vishaka Singh has been paired opposite Nara Rohit in the film Rowdy Fellow and it was an initiation of sorts for the actress into the world of smokers. Vishaka is a non-smoker, but there was one particular scene in the movie which required the actress to light up. The thorough professional that she is, the Fukrey star acquiesced to the scene and promptly found herself with a cigarette in her hand.

Sharing her experience, Vishaka said, “The scene is from my Telugu film Rowdy Fellow where I play a naughty college student. She is a rebel of sorts and loves to experiment. A particular scene demanded that I smoke which was very difficult as I am a complete non- smoker. I was game initially until we went on for a couple of takes from various angles. And before I knew it I was halfway through a cigarette.”

Earlier, the actress was injured on the sets of Rowdy Fellow, but she gamely went ahead with her shoot by taking painkillers. The unit of Rowdy Fellow can consider themselves lucky for having found such a committed and professional heroine!