Director Karthik Varma DanduDirector Karthik Varma Dandu surprised everyone with a technically slick product like Virupaksha. His first film Bham Bholenath went unnoticed, but he delivered second time with Virupaksha.

It is rare in Tollywood that a director gets a second chance after giving a flop with his first film. Credits to SVCC banner, Sukumar and Sai Dharam Tej for believing in his talent.

Usually, filmmakers believe in the policy of ‘Make Hay While The Sun Shines.’ So when a film becomes a success, they don’t make any delay in signing their next film. Even if they don’t have any story or script ready, they will start taking advances from producers.

But Karthik Dandu recently said he still hasn’t signed his next film. He says he is still not sure about the script for his next project.

We have seen many directors disappear into oblivion after they gave a hit with their first film, just because they failed to utilize its success and kept delaying their second project.

Let’s hope Karthik Dandu doesn’t repeat that mistake and encashes the success of Virupaksha fully.

It would be better if he doesn’t take a long gap and signs his next one as soon as possible.

Tollywood needs new directors who are good storytellers and also are technically adept. But, holding the interest and momentum for their next projects in news also very important as public memory is short these days.

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