Virata_Parvam_on_NetflixRana and Sai Pallavi’s Virata Parvam went unnoticed at the ticket counters as it hit the theaters on the 17th of June. The film is now headed for its OTT premieres.

Netflix has announced that Virata Parvam will be available for streaming on the platform from the 1st of July. Meaning, Virata Parvam will stream on Netflix just 2 weeks post its theatrical release date.

Virata Parvam’s early OTT release has triggered a section of Telugu audience on social media.

“If releasing the film on OTT just 2 weeks after theatrical release was your plan, why didn’t you say it in the first place? I would have saved my money by not watching it in the theater. What’s the point of theatrical release if this is the case?” A netizen commented.

Another person commented “Asalu aa cinema ni theaters lo enduku esaarraa? Those who watched it in theaters not knowing its Netflix premieres are just 2 weeks away are fooled now.”

The common talk on social media is that Virata Parvam should have gone for direct to OTT release instead of the 2-week theatrical run concept. “We wouldn’t have even watched the film in theaters if we knew it would stream on OTT just two weeks later” a few netizens comment.