Virata Parvam​ TeaserAfter promising character intros, the teaser of the revolutionary love story Virata Parvam is out. For the first time, it makes the theme and the movie’s story clear to the audience. It is a perfect cut in that way.

The makers of Virata Parvam have been telling it as a love story set amidst the backdrop of arms struggled in the ’90s. We now get a full view of what they meant with the teaser. The core love story and drama featuring Sai Pallavi looks like the heart and soul of the movie. It has a compelling quality to it due to the actress’s presence, and she seems to have given it all.

The rest of the setup and the characters look intriguing, with Rana taking charge. If its as powerful as it is made out, then the strong emotions and drama will work out.

Venu Udugula, the director of Needi Naadi Oke Katha helms Virata Parvam. The few dialogues we hear and the setting and making suggests we have another worthy director in the making in Telugu cinema.

Check out the teaser below. Apart from Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi, Virata Parvam also stars Priyamani in a key role. Suresh Bobbili provides the music. Virata Parvam hits the screen on April 30th.