virat kohli underware adTime is truly magical. It sometimes changes people for the good. Of course maturity is one thing that plays a crucial role in the changing attitude and decision making. The same thing seems to be applicable for the most sensational and crazy cricketer Virat Kohli, who is at present on a high for the great performance he is exhibiting in the game he has mastered, i.e., cricket.

Once we have seen in him in endorsements where he posed lying arounds girls with underwear. However Virat says that he wouldn’t pose for brand endorsements in underwear hereafter. Those were the days when he was like ‘doing everything for brand endorsements’ and now things have changed for him.

As he is the favourite of the cricket matches in the ongoing World Cup matches, it is no surprise that he has become a hot favourite for brand endorsements even. But his stability in his matured thoughts wouldn’t allow to try something like posing in underwear. This would definitely give a different image for the star cricketer in the coming days.