Virat Kohli has a lot to cheer and be happy about as far as his professional life is concerned but his personal seems to be keeping him unhappy these days. The actor has been alleged to have relationship with actress Anushka Sharma for quite some time now and neither have refuted the rumors as well which has lead to lots of speculations and gossips being written about the duo.

The gossiping went to a new level when the cricketers name was brought on the popular talk show Koffee with Karan. Virat Kohli seems to be really unhappy about his name being mentioned in the show as he doesn’t want his personal issues and relationships to be public matter to be discussed. One understands the plight of the cricketer for sure but being a public figure and that too being a star attraction of such hugely popular game in India, there is bound to be these repercussions. Well, we hope it doesn’t affect their relationship and end up creating emotional problems for the cricketer as he is being seen as a new cricketing icon for India now.