Virat-kohli-fitness-centerStar cricketer Virat Kohli very soon is going to enter business and be part of a big investment worth Rs.190 crores. He is entering into partnership with Chisel Fitness and Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment (CSL). As per the available information, Virat’s share in the partnership deal would be Rs.90 crores. The brand name of this business venture is going to be ‘Chisel’.

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Under the brand ‘Chisel’, Virat and his partners are going to launch a chain of 75 gym and fitness centres of various sizes in various big cities across the country and they specialise at providing different facilities and expertise based on the location of the particular centre.

Here the partnership is aiming at the brand image of the CSL and Chisel Fitness combined with the star image of the star cricketer. Hence the expectations on business are very high and soon the gyms are going to be further expand into venturing into fitness inspired clothing lines and tech wearables. As of now, this chain of gyms and fitness centres is one of the best commercial venture of Virat Kohli outside his game.

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