Virat Kohli loses Cool on Journo for Girl FriendMany times anger is one devil in one which never allows us think what is right and what is wrong, it doesn’t even allow us to go for any rationale while we vent our anger on someone immediately in front of us. Recently, Indian star cricketer Virat Kohli too was bitten by the same bug called anger and mistakenly abused a journalist with the filthiest language he knew.

Guess the reason? Virat was in his dressing room after a training session and happened to see a newspaper item written on his relationship with Anushka Sharma, Bollywood actress. Red with anger, Virat started abuding the journalist who was right in front if him thinking it might be the same journalist who might have written the item on Anushka in a national daily. The journo was literally shocked for Kohli’s behaviour.

Soon Kohli understood that it was mistaken identity and he has abused the wrong person. Through another journalist friend of his, he sent apology to the journo who had to bear his anger and the filthy language he used. Many were shocked for Kohli’s behaviour as this kind of public behaviour is unexpected from the future Indian captain.