Constable Venkat Reddy CommentsA Video of Prakasam district Special Branch Head Constable Narra Venkatereddy’s remarks of helping YSR Congress with around 700 postal ballot votes in the 2019 elections has gone viral on social media and WhatsApp.

The constable is seen demanding justice for the employees who worked hard to bring the current ruling party to power. Praneeth Reddy, son of Minister Balineni Srinivasareddy, was the chief guest at a special meeting with government employees of various departments in Ongole on July 30th.

During the meeting, Head Constable Narra Venkatereddy says he and six others had collected postal ballots in the last elections and helped the party to win. He laments those in the previous government were still in key positions and requested Praneeth Reddy to do justice.

A week after the meeting, the video has surfaced on social media. Prakasam district SP Malika Garg issued orders sending the constable to the Vacancy Reserve (VR). Police are investigating who attended the meeting.