Rakul Preet SinghRakul Preet Singh is one of the very few fitness freak actresses in Telugu Cinema or maybe the Indian cinema. The actress is into huge weights which even the men struggle to do. However, her recent video of attempting Deadlift has come under criticism.

A gym trainer analyzed Rakul Preet Singh performing the Deadlift all wrong. He found fault with Rakul’s posture and even the shoes she is wearing. He wondered how the two trainers watching her missed it and are so engrossed in shooting the video.

The video has gone viral on social media and people are ridiculing the actress for getting the basics wrong. They are even asking how the actress who owns a gym brand could not even get the basics right or get qualified trainers. Many are seen saying ‘All buildup, Rakul does not even know basics’.

It may be too harsh criticism. The actress may have got the Dead Lift wrong but still, she is lifting the weights! Definitely not buildup!