Akira Nandan Pawan KalyanFor those who don’t already know, Pawan Kalyan is well versed in martial arts. He holds a black-belt in Karate and even composed a few fight sequences in his films like Khushi, Badri, Johnny and others.

As it appears, Pawan Kalyan’s son Akira Nandan is following his father’s footsteps. In a latest video that has surfaced on the internet, Akira is seen twirling a Bo staff with great ease.

Much like his father Pawan Kalyan, Akira also seems to be training in martial arts and this video clearly implies the same.

There have been several reports surrounding Akira’s acting debut but there hasn’t been any consolidated development in this regard till now.

Recently, Akira’s mother Renu Desai said she wouldn’t stop her son of he wishes to debut as an actor. Will Akira carry forward his father’s legacy and try his hand at acting? Only time will tell.