naga chaitanya fan love storyA video of a fan at Prasads Multiplex, Hyderabad is going viral on social media. The fan watched the movie and liked it a lot. He wants to his girlfriend for the movie but the girl who is on phone refuses to come to the theater (we don’t know why).

The man books three tickets for them and also offered to leave one seat empty (maybe a COVID safety measure). The girl is not convinced even then and would not cut the line. The man gets frustrated and tries to bite off the phone and also bangs it on the floor several times.

The major highlight of the video is the media people thrusting mikes at the man asking him how the movie is. They do not care about the man’s frustration and do not even try to stop him from destroying the mobile phone. The funny video is going viral on social media.

Love Story which has released this morning has started with mixed reviews. The opening is likely to be good but it has to be seen how the movie holds from tomorrow and after the first weekend under the special conditons due to the pandemic.