Director Rohit ShettyBollywood cinema has been reeling under a whole lot of pressure in the post-Covid era. This is exactly when South cinema started ruling the roost in Indian cinema.

When asked about the dominance of South cinema in Indian cinema, mainstream Bollywood star director Rohit Shetty had this to say.

“Bollywood delivered path-breaking blockbusters like Sholay, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Golmaal, Suryavanshi, and numerous others. Starting to rattle Bollywood for one bad phase is not a clever thing” Rohit Shetty said.

Rohit’s statement is now drawing huge trolls on social media. “The audacity of this man to speak up while all he does is freemaking South hits is beyond amusing. He lives on South cinema and is now unable to acknowledge it” a netizen commented.

“Rohit’s comment encapsulates Bollywood’s sorry state. They are unable to accept South’s dominance and they themselves are lost for a way out. The worst thing is that they still haven’t understood South cinema is beating Bollywood by a mile. This negligence will only cost Bollywood more and more” another netizen commented.

Most comments are saying Rohit himself is living on scraping content from South films and repacking them to Bollywood audience and even he is unable to comprehend the trend in Indian cinema now.