Viral-Dancing-Uncle-Ruling-over-the-Social-MediaSince a week, a video of a middle-aged man dancing at a family function has been making rounds over social media with people just wowing his moves along with the perfect expressions. And it turned viral suddenly on social media with likes and shares storming the internet.

Some call him Govinda Uncle and some opinionated that he is doing better than many heroes in the film industry and he has put all those heroes to shame with one video. The 46-year-old electrical engineering professor joined the list of overnight internet stars and he says it is late already.

Not just gone viral but the Govinda uncle has drawn national media to take his interviews as the man behind viral video. Speaking in the interview, Professor Sanjeev Srivastava says Govinda is his inspiration and learned the dance from his mother. He wanted this recognition when he was a teenager, but got it later in this middle age. Check out the videos below if you have not come across one yet. The Dancing Man!