Vinayak-akhil-losesWhen films like ‘Akhil’,which were marketed, made good business and sold out for huge prices because of the high expectations and hype created on the movie before the release of a film, tank at the box-office, it’s the distributors who are affected the most. Before release, Akhil already gave a statement that his producers are safe and the film was sold out making table profits.

To address the woes of the distributors who had to bear the losses, director of the film V.V.Vinayak reportedly came forward to offer compensation for them and extend a helping hand during tough times. Vinayak is concerned about these distributors because they had been with him from the beginning.

It’s not only Vinayak who is compensating from his remuneration, Akhil might also forego some of his remuneration. In case of Vinayak, he is concerned because one of his distributors from Vizag area had suffered heavy losses. This gesture from the director is going to set a big example not only in terms of business but also how a technician also can come to the rescue for the sake of larger good.

Otherwise, we have seen ‘Kochadaiyyan’ and ‘Lingaa’ episodes, where the distributors had even gone to court asking for compensation.