VVR Audio: Disappointing Barring One

Vinaya Vidheya Rama Music Review: Disappointing Barring OneThe complete album of Sankranthi biggie Vinaya Vidheya Rama is out. Besides the two singles that are already out, there are three other songs to make it a total of five. Devi Sri Prasad has provided the music, and it is second back to back work with director Boyapati Sreenu.

Among the five, the last one “Amma Nanna” is a situational number that gives us a peek into what to expect sentiment wise in the movie. That leaves us with two new songs apart from what we have heard so far.

Among the two, “Ek Baar Ek Baar Dapppesi Step Maar” is the kind of typical DSP number with catchy beats that everyone was looking forward to from him. It will be an instant winner among the fans with or without the video. For others, the numbers begin well but feel a bit long towards the end. The second one “Ram Loves Sita” has the beats but suffers from the same problem as “Thassadiyya”. They start well and are catchy in parts like ‘Sun Mere Mahiya Ve bit’ in “Thassadiyya” but fail to make an impact as a whole. With “Rama Loves Sita” the lyrics mar the enjoyment, and the catchy hook phrase doesn’t click.

Overall, there are three mass-appealing songs and two situational numbers. The former set has an excellent scope for coming alive on screen with right choreography. The repetitiveness in music with Devi Sri Prasad is always as an issue. The appeal is in how smartly the known stuff is packaged and the feeling of dejavu is avoided. In Vinaya Vidheya Rama, the sense of repetitiveness is high which brings the enjoyment level of the album down, a lot. It is a passable soundtrack overall leaving aside “Ek Baar”.

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