Villa's dream run at the box office!

Villa, Pizza-2 may not have received great reviews like the earlier installment, Pizza but now the movie is doing incredibly well at the box office. Owing to the absence of biggies at the box office and dull season of November, the movie was well received by the audience. It is said that the movie was picked up for some 25 Crore and rest of the expensee and publicity costed them 20 Lakhs more.

The movie had collected 1 Crore in the first week of its release and almost all the buyers are safe even before the completion of the first week. Villa also infused confidence in the buyers of dubbing films. In fact, dubbing films are on a back foot with most of them are being failure at the box office.

Interestingly, Villa is running for its second week successfully in Sudharshan at RTC X Roads, Hyderabad. The movie theater is one of the Biggest Gross capacity and Rent Theaters in Andhra Pradesh even big films fear to run there in second week fearing losses.