Looks like the superhero Krrish, or his counterpart, Hrithik is getting caught up in a scandal. Indeed, the couple fitness consultants, Kris Gethin and Marika Johansson, who had been hired to coach Hrithik for the film Krrish 3 has accused them of not paying their dues. In this context, the couple have filed a complaint at the Bandra Police Station. According to this complaint, the founder of the fitness company Sheru Classic Production, Sheru Aangrish, owe the couple an apprpximate sum of hundred and ten lakh. When Kris had approached Hrithik aired out all the payment issues with him, the actor directly paid him some of the due amount. His wife, on the other hand, has to still chase people to get her payment for training his family members.

Sheru, however, has said that these acuusations are false and that the couple is trying to damage his reputation in society.