Vikram David movie

Bejoy Nambiar’s forthcoming film has severely raised the hopes of excited viewers with its newly released trailer which portrays the film in a intriguing light. Starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and the Southern superstar Vikram, it is believed to be one of the most promising films of 2013. The trailer illustrates all the three men of the film when they are about to take a bold step in their lives which will alter their future drastically. The trailer has also unurthed a unique song called Maria pita che which unfolds the story of the movie in small pieces.

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A unique rendition, Maria Pita Che narrates the story of Vikram’s character, who is an alcoholic fisherman and has fallen for a beautiful girl (played by Isha Sharvani) who is hearing and speaking challenged. Shot exclusively in Goa, the song enthrals its audience with both its visual ambiance as well as Remo’s voice which adds its own depth to it.

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