Going by the budget of superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Vikrama Simha’, which will release on April 11 in 12 languages, it looks like the most expensive Indian film ever. While the film was being compared with Hollywood films such as Avatar and Tin Tin, the film’s producer said it was made using only fraction of the budget of these big Hollywood films.

The film’s producer Murali Manohar said that Avatar was made on a budget of INR 3000 crore for five years, while Tin Tin was made for INR 4000 crore for four years. He is happy that they could achieve so much using a motion capture photo-realistic technology in ‘Vikrama Simha’ with a budget of INR 125 crore in merely two years. He said even shelling out so much money for an Indian film is not easy because he faced a lot of challenges with the film.

He said since he is a gutsy producer he didn’t hesitate to spend money on this project as he feels a new industry will be created in India with the help of this technology.