Remake Vs Star Power: What are the odds?The taste of the audience has changed after the pandemic. They are no longer interested in watching remakes on the big screen anymore.

When the original is available on OTT platforms in a language they can understand then they don’t want to visit the theaters to watch its remake and spend money. The recent remakes of Jersey and HIT are a testimony to this fact.

Now Hrithik Roshan is arriving after a gap of more than three years with the remake of the Tamil cult thriller, Vikram Vedha. People may not be interested in watching a remake, but a Hrithik Roshan film is special.

He has a great fan following among youngsters and also women. Also, he has a reputation for doing films that have great content. His films are awaited with great curiosity.

So Hrithik’s star power will definitely compensate for the negativity of Vikram Vedha being a remake.

Bollywood is slowly trying to stand on its feet again after the success of Brahmastra, and now all eyes are on Vikram Vedha. The trade is expecting that Vikram Vedha will continue the momentum given by Brahmastra and will definitely be successful in bringing the audience to the theaters.

The film is expected to open in the vicinity of 15-18 crores on its first day in India, which would be considered a good start for the film, and then the film can grow based on its merits.

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