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Vikram’s Fail-Proof Debut Plan For Son

Vikram Fail-Proof Debut Plan For So n DhruvTrust father to think of nothing but best for sons, we have countless examples for that. The latest addition to the list is actor Vikram who has pulled out a rabbit out of the hat by getting director Bala on board for the son’s debut.

As many know by now, Vikram’s son, Dhruv is making debut with the remake of Telugu cult sensation Arjun Reddy. Many were surprised at the choice of a remake for debut and were eagerly waiting to see who would be trusted with the responsibility to direct. Few names were doing the round, but Vikram sprung Bala’s name out of nowhere.

Director Bala is a hard taskmaster, and he has been instrumental in establishing Vikram as a force to reckon with in Tamil cinema. He gave him two iconic characters in Sethu and Pithamagan. The track record of Bala too boasts a strong line-up. He has had failures, but none of his films are critically thrashed.

It means despite the fact that, it is a remake, presence of Bala assures critic-proof debut for Dhruv. Also, Bala is an excellent extractor of performance, and with a subject like Arjun Reddy, he will make sure Dhruv delivers. It is a win-win situation for Vikram as a father. The only problem here is Bala has not done an urban yuppy film in ages. Will he be able to get the vibe would be an exciting thing to look forward to the audience?