Vijay-lack-of-stardomThe results of films Snehitudu, Thuppakki and Anna make it clear about the box office potential of Tamil star Vijay in Telugu film industry. Two of these three films had big name directors behind them and opened with very good talk as well but the end result was anything but satisfactory.

The results of those films had made producers and distributors wary about the star’s new release and hence they initially wanted to delay the release. The reason was simple in case the film had got good talk it would have made sense remaking it instead of dubbing. And this is what is postponing the release of the film in Telugu. The producers are looking at all the options possible for remaking the film, the dubbed release would happen only if no one shows interest in remake.

The latest we hear that two more stars are keen to see the film and take a final call in the coming days. If they too decide not to act in remake only then the film will release.