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What Is Rajamouli’s Caste? Asks Father

Vijendra Prasad Asks, What Is Rajamouli's CasteRecently, few websites wrote about Rajamouli that he is a casteist and that’s the reason why he tweeted on a movie like ‘Paisa Vasool’. Responding on the Groupism and Casteism in the industry, Vijayendra Prasad made an important observation.

He asked, “What is Rajamouli’s caste?” The reason for asking this counter question was the interviewer’s question if the Film Industry is divided and they had formed groups based on their castes. Writer Vijayendra Prasad’s wife belongs to a different caste. So, what is Rajamouli’s caste?

The stories on Rajamouli’s caste feeling seem to be baseless as his father and mother belong to two different castes. Rajamouli had this habit of tweeting opinion on the movie she had watched.

He couldn’t let out his genuine opinion as it could be detrimental to the businesses of some movies. It’s an obligation for him. But, he seemed to have grown cautious, of late.


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