Actress VijayaShantiSenior actress and now politician Vijayashanti has made some unsavory comments on the recently released Venkatesh and Rana’s web series Rana Naidu. Of course, it cannot be denied that the show has been drawing flak for having some extremely obscene content.

But some feel Vijayashanti has made it big in her acting career thanks to the Telugu film industry and the support of star heroes, including Venkatesh. However, ever since she joined politics, she has been bad-mouthing almost all her co-stars of the past as they too have been or are part of political life.

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Now, she has expressed concern about the content of a newly launched web series. Though she did not name it, she felt that such shows should be censored and the government must take necessary steps to control the streaming channels from dishing out inane and indecent content.

However, while what she says might not be completely wrong, Vijayashanti should try to revive her sagging career by making relevant comments on the existing political issues and staying active in political affairs rather than targeting entertainment shows. Moreover, these kinds of comments will damage her political career more rather than help it.

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People are not interested in her commentary on what’s happening in the entertainment industry. It would be better for her to focus on politics and leave the industry behind!