vijay-theri-story-big-leak-before-audio-launchOne never knows when the story of a film might be leaked and start doing rounds on internet. These days, the makers of a film are bound to be insecure due to the leaks. The latest leak story is of Vijay and Samantha’s ‘Theri’ which is going to release this April.

The audio of the film is ready to be launched and now the leaked story is doing rounds causing big anxiety to Vijay’s fans. As per the story which is making rounds, Samantha is Vijay’s wife, who gets killed. Keeping his daughter in a safe place, Vijay plans and takes revenge on the murderers.

Vijay is playing a cop and senior actress Meena’s daughter Nainika is playing his daughter in this cop saga. This leaked story (if it is true), has resemblances with Ajith’s cop saga ‘Yennai Arindhal’ (Enthavaadu Gaani) in which Ajith’s love interest gets killed leaving her daughter with him.

Let’s wait and see, how far this leaked story is going to hold good in reality!