Despite-Corona-Scare,-Only-Vijay-Pays-Last-Respects-to-BaluThis is a pandemic situation and it’s obvious that everyone who wanted to pay the last respects to the departed soul of the legendary singer Balu had to limit themselves to virtual messages.

However, Tamil mass star Vijay Ilayapathy didn’t limit himself. Vijay paid his last respects by being there in person at Balu’s farmhouse during the last rites and met Balasubramanyam‘s family.

Though this might look like taking risk it shows Vijay’s deep respected for the singer and we must agree that this was a befitting farewell from Vijay’s side for Balu. However, there would be chances of infection but that didn’t stop him.

If not for the pandemic the entire film fraternity, especially South fraternity would have been in attendance to pay the last respects for the deceased singer, Balu.