Vijay Deverakonda's Usual 'Athi'Vijay Deverakonda is a proactive actor. He aggressively promotes all his films. Now, netizens are saying Vijay Deverakonda is showing his usual ‘Athi’.

“So many movie promotions on my birthday! It is like a festival day. Andariki Vijay Deverakonda birthday sentiment ekva ipoindi.. All will do well, I shall share my power :)” Vijay tweeted.

“We don’t even know that your birthday is forthcoming until you said it now. Madyalo nee overaction enti thammudu…neee bdy ani indirect ga andariki gurthu chesthunnava?” A netizen commented.

“This man will be in different trance all the time. He says his birthday is like a festival day. What is he even trying to say? This is nothing but display of Athi,” another netizen commented.

Vijay’s tweet has drawn a fair bit of mockery.