Abhishek Nama is one of the renowned names of the Telugu Film Industry who has distributed many films and also produced films. In a YouTube interview, the producer-distributor revealed many inner things about cinema distribution, flops and super successes.

Talking about Vijay Deverakonada’s disaster ‘World Famous Lover’, Abhishek Nama said that the film didn’t even collect 10% of what he has invested in it. After the flop talk, there was no response from the hero and the distributor said that they even kept their mobiles switched off.

Abhishek questioned if it’s not the responsibility of the big names to consider the plight of a distributor who invested big and lost money. If the same movie turns out to be a hit, all the credit goes to the hero. So, why can’t they take the same when a movie flops.

He has got some nice words to say about Mahesh Babu who according to Abhishek Nama is the only Tollywood biggie who tried to compensate the distributor with money when his movie flops. No one else till date did the same revealed the distributors who had distributed many small and big films.