Vijay Deverakonda Unnecessarily Troubling ChiranjeeviEarlier, Chiranjeevi denounced rumors pertaining to his political career. He rubbished rumors that Jagan government is offering him Rajya Sabha post. He then used the hashtag #GiveNewsNotViews to solidify his point.

But now, Vijay Deverakonda has unnecessarily troubled Chiranjeevi by strengthening the untoward campaign. Incidentally, Vijay tweeted “My Full support. #GiveNewsNotViews”.

Well, Chiranjeevi’s social media post pertaining to media speculations is more of a one-time thing. Starting a campaign against the media might not be his intention. But now that Vijay has joined in, out of the blue, a few other Tollywood celebrities might join the bandwagon in order to enter the good books of Chiranjeevi.

It needs to be noted that Chiranjeevi maintains a cordial relationship with the media fraternity. The last thing he would want now is to initiate an altercation between Tollywood and media. He knows full well that this will do more bad than good to him and also other mega heroes. This would not have been his intention in the first place either.