Vijay Deverakonda Over ActionThere are very talented and legendary actors in our film industry and along with that, what made them superstars is their humble nature. Now, we don’t ask every celebrity to be humble of ground to earth, but there are some aspects that bring the troll out of a new fan.

Vijay Deverakonda was on cloud nine for his Best Actor Filmfare award and has been showering updates on Twitter of his Filmfare journey. He also shared his decision over giving away the award for the CM fund and KTR even congratulated his decision. However, Vijay’s reply to KTR was kind of kinky. Rather than excitement, people could only see overaction in the hero’s Tweets.

Rashmika Mandanna, who is going to romance Vijay in Gita Govindam too mentioned the same in one of her Tweets of the duo’s conversation (they were addressing each other with the character names from the film, Govind, and Geetha) asking him to get rid of that overaction and people wouldn’t have this irritation if the award was given to Prabhas or Tarak. Twitterati expressed their strong agreement with the actress’ tweet and trolled Vijay badly for doing too much.

But finally, all the drama that Vijay and Mandanna created on Twitter turned out to be a publicity stunt for their movie promotion. Good try.

vijay Deverakonda Over Action Tweets