VD: Stirring Hype Or Taking Unnecessary Pressure?Vijay Deverakonda is ever so aggressive when it comes to promoting his films. He’s coming out all guns blazing for his next release, Liger and he seems so confident about the film.

In a recent interaction with a media portal, Vijay expressed his extreme confidence in Liger.

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“If Liger doesn’t hit the bullseye on 25th August, I’ll be very confused. You’ll start doubting your judgement if something like that happens. That’s because I’m so sure that the film will become a blockbuster.” Vijay Deverakonda said.

Vijay added that the last time he was so very confident on his film was for Arjun Reddy. “I announced that Arjun Reddy was a blockbuster even before the release. I’m doing the same for Liger now.”

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It is evident that Vijay is trying his best to stir hype for Liger ahead of its release.

After listening to his comments, a section of Telugu netizens opine “Vijay should understand that film results are unpredictable. He’s saying he’ll be very confused and doubt his judgement if the film fails. He’s clearly taking unnecessary pressure. He should know better. Conventionally hyping up a film is okay, but taking so much pressure is not advisable.”

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Well, Vijay seems extremely confident about Liger for now. We should see if judgement is right, after Liger hits the marquee on 25th August.