Vijay_DeverakondaVijay Deverakonda is usually extravagant and flamboyant with his screeches. He addresses his fans as Rowdies and is aggressive with his statements. But none of these were seen as he spoke at another film’s promotional event in Hyderabad last night.

Vijay is known for hyping up his fans big time at film events but that wasn’t seen at the event last night. He was largely mellowed down.

Now, Vijay’s change in stance and approach appears to be the aftermath of Liger’s disaster. Vijay pinned high hopes on the film and hoped to progress to the next league and possibly even pan-India stardom with the same. But the film was an absolute disaster.

Vijay’s approach at public events can now be categorised as before Liger and after Liger. Such is the extent of change observed in him at the event last night. He is no longer the extravagant guy he was. Liger’s debacle has clearly had a strong impact on him, as it appears. He is a lot more grounded now.

But it needs to be noted that failures teach a lot more than successes and Vijay can only learn and use this experience to grow bigger. This particular phase is sure to teach him a lot.

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