Vijay Deverakonda Keeps his promisesVijay Deverakonda enjoys a huge fan base. Among the current-gen actors, his fan following among youth is widespread. Being a popular celebrity, it is a common norm that they get scores of requests from their fans.

And Vijay Deverakonda has gone an extra mile for his fans. The actor has kept his promise to his fans – Abbas and Mushuu. The so-called fan came from Bangalore to Mahbubnagar to have a glimpse of Deverakonda’s AVD in October this year.

The video of the said fans caught the attention of Deverakonda who then made a promise to them that for the next one year at AVD cinemas with whoever the fan watches the film, the tickets will be borne by Deverakonda. Not only this, the actor promised to watch Liger with him in whichever city the fan resides.

Deverakonda now has kept his promise as the video of fans watching Pushpaka Vimanam at AVD in Mahbubnagar has gone viral. The fans are elated that Deverakonda kept his promise. They only regret that they couldn’t meet the actor, but they are happy that they could watch the film with the actor’s family.