Vijay Deverakonda Keenly Following RajamouliRajamouli’s RRR has finally been released after keeping the audience waiting for a long time. Rajamouli designed the promotions in such a way that they created a new high for film promotions in Telugu cinema. In a way, he worked like a marketing wizard and also made Ram Charan and NTR go all out.

Now, all eyes are on the film’s openings in Hindi. If the film becomes a big hit in Hindi, the Telugu cinema upsurge will continue after Baahubali and the market for Tollywood films will also grow hugely in the days to come.

Vijay Deverakonda is keenly following RRR and its outcome. He is also stuck with Puri Jagan’s Liger for three years as the film was delayed due to COVID-19 twice. So, if RRR clicks, his Liger will get a new mileage in Bollywood as it is the immediate Telugu biggie from Telugu cinema.

That is the reason, Vijay and his team are closely watching the end-result of RRR. If RRR clicks, Vijay and Liger will get a huge advantage in the Hindi market.

A success is all that is needed for Vijay Deverakonda so as to make up for the lost rime.