Vijay_Devarakonda_Liger_StatementsVijay Deverakonda’s Liger had crashed on the first weekend itself. The movie which was supposed to be Vijay’s Dream debut vehicle in Hindi turned otherwise. Puri Jagannadh undoubtedly is the reason for the debacle but Vijay can not escape the blame.

Firstly, Liger is a script that should be rejected straight away with glaring loopholes all over it. The fact that Vijay overlooked all of them and still is over confident about the film brings doubts if he is the hero with the weakest judgment.

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Sometime during the Lockdown in a tweet and in a recent interview with Charmee, Vijay confidently mentioned that Liger’s count will start from 200 Crore and he will stop counting after that.

Heroes speaking well about a film knowing it is a flop is nothing new. But it appears like Vijay truly believed it and that is the biggest red flag in this episode.

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In an interview with the known critic Bhardwaj Rangan, Vijay said he is working to establish a relationship with fans that would eliminate the reviewers and any others between them.

“If I say a film is good, they should automatically come and watch. The connection will eliminate outside noise (reviews),” he says. The credibility Vijay talks about and the connection he plans to have with the audience already fell flat with Liger.

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Another big problem with this ‘eliminating outside noise'(reviews) episode is that Vijay says he has taken the decision after the release of Dear Comrade. Three years after the release of Dear Comrade, Vijay still is under the impression that reviews killed his film.

That means he is not judging a film right before its release and also after its release – BIG BIG RED FLAG!!!

If you really know a film is a flop, you push that to some extent but not to the extent of making extravagant comments like ‘We will shake India’ that will make sure that people will not take you seriously next time.

Films like Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy, and Geetha Govindham have proved that VD has it in him to go into the position where he is now. But the actor lacks the judgment to push him to the next level. Films like NOTA, Dear Comrade, World Famous Lover, Liger, etc are examples of that.

Vijay, for sure, is a self-made actor but one should not flaunt it too much to the extent of giving a feeling that Nepo stars better. Which of the Nepo star adds ‘The’ before his names on film posters and Press releases?

Coming to the performance part, it is no doubt Vijay underwent an extreme physical transformation for Liger. But coming to the performance, he has a long way to go. In mass and angry sequences, we still get the feeling he is struck by the ‘Arjun Reddy’ hangover.

Vijay, for sure, is a promising aspect in Tollywood but still has a long way to get to the next level. The only problem is he is making all the wrong moves delaying the journey. For it to happen, he needs to make big corrections in his judgment, script selection, performance, and on top of everything, his attitude.