VD Fans Getting Trolled for U-TurnSocial media is a strange place where your past comes to haunt your present with the help of screenshots.

Once upon a time, during Kabir Singh days, the Vijay Deverakonda fans bashed Samantha for calling out director Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s views as deeply disturbing. Vanga had said, “If you don’t have the liberty to slap each other in a relationship, then I don’t see any kind of love there.”

Samantha found that statement deeply disturbing as it was reeking of toxic masculinity. She got trolled by Vijay Deverakonda fans as Kabir Singh was a remake of VD’s cult Arjun Reddy. Many of them also said, “Akkineni family izzat teesthundi.” Sam was still a part of the Akkineni family in those days.

Now things have changed and so have the point of views also. Now Samantha is acting with VD in the upcoming film Khushi, and now rowdy fans are all gaga over Sam.

Recently Samantha faced a lot of unreasonable trolling because of the split with her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya. Questions regarding her divorce constantly hound here. Now the same VD fans are showing support to Sam, saying that the media is biased against Sam and is getting paid to blame her.

The past and present screenshots of statements made by VD fans are being shared on social media, and other star fans are having a field day trolling them.